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  • Julien Gamache

    "It was important to me to find someone local that I could trust with my film and Jon is just what I was looking for. He was super helpful with not only developing and scanning the film, but also answering questions about any camera troubles I had. The quality is phenomenal."

  • Qui Nguyen

    "I reached out to Jon to get some film rolls developed, and luckily he was in the area. I didn't have to drive 30 minutes to his store; he picked up the film rolls from me. He developed them within the same day, scanned and sent me the photos. The price is also really amazing compared to other stores around."

  • Ryan Jaskulski

    "Can't understate how much I appreciate Jon's work as a Western Mass local who loves film photography. I've had previous experience with other local film developers that, while equally positive and friendly, was ultimately dissatisfying because of the quality of what I received back."

  • Charlie

    "Investing in Jon Dila and his skills when it comes to developing your photos, purchasing a camera, or just learning about film cameras, was not a bad idea and I have not even thought about going anywhere else to get my next rolls developed :)"

  • Lisa Ruggiero

    "We had a ton of film from old cameras and needed to get it developed immediately. Jonathan did exactly that!! I rarely leave reviews but this guy is legit!! I highly recommend him!! Thank you Jonathan!"

  • Vittoria Perinato

    "Fantastic service. The owner is very friendly and he did an amazing job developing and scanning my films. I do recommend!"

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